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Following on from the latest press release from CIEH, and their decision to no longer offer accredited awards, we wanted to issue a statement detailing our position. As a company we are committed to maintaining our accredited status and we are committed to working with an awarding body that is regulated by OFQUAL. We are committed to protecting your due diligence defence by offering fully accredited courses and awards that your EHO will accept.

In addition to full academic accreditation and as an extra benefit; from January onwards all our courses will also attract CPD points including an annual statement (free of charge). This will allow anyone engaged in professional development to easily maintain their portfolio.

Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate

All thats needed to train up staff in and around a food preperation area, with all the basics covered quickly and clearly. Design to be a one hour course to allow quick uptake of knowledge to gain a Level 1 Food Hygiene certification.

Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate

Our pride and joy, this is the lowest cost Level 2 Food Hygiene course in the UK and covers everything needed in real life kitchens to training anyone to safely work with food service to the public. The only 5 Star rated Level 2 Food Hygiene course online.

Level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate

Our latest course to be released at just £89 is the Level 3 food hygiene certificate an intermediate course in food safety for supervisors. We cover everything needed to gain Level 3 food safety knowledge through videos, real working examples, high quality images and test as you go quick questions.

Level 2 Allergy Awareness training

Our Allergy Awareness course is here. This course covers all you need to know about the new law changes, the role you play & how to implement the changes in your business through seven video based chapters. We have kept it at just £12 per learner, with bundle offers also available.

Level 2 Health and Safety training

Our Health & Safety Level 2 course is tailored to the catering & hospitality aspects of safety in the workplace. With our videos filmed in working kitchens and storage areas we can not just tell you but show you the risks and how to understand workplace dangers.

Level 2 Health and Safety for Childcare

Our Safer Childcare Practitioner Level 2 course is tailored to the childcare aspects of safety in the workplace. With our videos filmed in a working nursery so that we can show you the risks and how to understand nursery and childcare workplace dangers.

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The Safer Food Group Mission: To deliver you the lowest cost and best quality Online Food Safety Certificates & Training experience in the UK. It’s that simple.


“The course is excellent in terms of structure, presentation and delivery. The written notes are thorough and extensive. The video lessons are delivered with gravitas and humour, engaging the student. The revision section provides instant positive feedback.
I took this course as a complete novice and enjoyed it thoroughly. A truly brilliant piece of work. ”

Review from an ex-professional trainer of teachers